K.D.C - Kurdish Diaspora Center


Kurdish Diaspora Center is a interculturally oriented association that aims to understate health, educational, cultural and leisure offers, especially for the socially disadvantaged immigrants who are not yet accepted as citizens or newly kurdish foreigns in NORWICH.


Kurdish Diaspora Center will also support women and immigrants/ kurdish foreigns in their visits to the authorities, activities as well as the organization of intercultural meetings, sports and exercise offers as well as events and courses. 


We will organize theater performances, events, readings, concerts, exhibitions, lectures, campaign and courses for all immigrants and kurdish foreigns of all ages: On the one hand, extracurricular educational and health opportunities for young people to improve the educational situation and, on the other hand, through language and communication courses for adult migrants to enable them to participate more in society. 

We’ll organize information campaigns and information events, particularly to increase the participation of women in society and events for migrants so that they can become much more involved in society. 


All four parts of Kurdistan and all religions are represented on the K.D.C board, because we all are the voice of the Kurds here in Norwich. Our advisory board represents personalities who have been active for Kurdistan both in Kurdistan and here in UK for years. 

K.D.C will organize events, podiums and more to bring the cultures of Kurdistan and Europe closer. 


Finally, we want to help the Kurds to integrate into daily life here in Norwich  and to bring our history closer to the UK.